Important information about COVID-19


The Midwifery Council recognises that midwives will most likely face challenging circumstances as all health services respond to COVID 19. As a registered health professional the Council acknowledges that the first concern will be care of the women/wāhine and their pēpē.

The Council encourages you to use your professional judgement to assess the risk to deliver safe care to women and their babies being informed by the values and principles of the Midwifery Code of Conduct.  The key principles which should be followed include the need to work cooperatively with colleagues to keep women/wāhine and their pēpē safe, to practise in line with the best evidence and to recognise and work within the limits of your competence.

The Council recognises that in highly challenging circumstances, you may need to depart from established procedures in order to care for women and their whanau. If concerns are raised about your decisions and actions at this time the Council will always take into account the factors relevant to the environment, resources, guidelines or protocols in place at the time. The Council encourages midwives to keep up to date with information about COVID-19 directly from the MOH.


The Council is aware that midwives will have questions around the requirements of the recertification programme. The Council is also aware that in emergencies providing care to women takes precedence over attendance at education. The Council has asked DHB and other providers to think innovatively about how education is provided and recorded for all midwives. However the Council wishes to reassure midwives that it will take context and circumstances into consideration when considering an individual’s engagement in the recertification programme.

Emergency practising certificates

The Council is finalising details  emergency practising certificates. These are for midwives who wish to return to practice to assist in a declared national emergency and who have been out of practice for more than three years.

Further details will be provided once they are finalised.