Te whakaū tiwhikete, Recertification

Engagement in the Recertification Programme is one-way midwives demonstrate ongoing competence. The programme requires midwives to undertake certain activities within a three-year period. Midwives applying for a practising certificate are expected to have met the requirements within the three years prior to the date of application.

Recertification is a continuous process and midwives must be able to look back and confirm that they have met the requirements of the programme over their last three practising years. While the programme and prescribed content is reviewed every three years, the Council monitors the requirements and content of education regularly.

All requirements placed on hold during 2020

In 2020 in response to the COVID pandemic the Council placed all requirements for midwives on hold. This meant that all midwives received a one year extension to complete requirements. The Council acknowledges that large numbers of midwives continue to engage in education during this time. 

In 2021 the Council has once again considered the impact of the pandemic and lock down on midwives and has discussed innovative ways to achieve some of the requirements with midwifery educators. 

The Recertification programme education components consists of the following:

  • Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher (Annually)
  • The Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher comprises Maternal Resuscitation and Neonatal Resuscitation updates, and childbirth emergency skills (bleeding emergencies, shoulder dystocia, breech and cord prolapse).

    Approved providers
    • AUT and WINTEC
    • District Health Boards

  • Continuing midwifery education (Eight hours per year)
    Any education which has direct relevance to the midwife's professional role and which enhances and leads to development of their practice.

  • Professional Activities(Eight hours per year)
  • Activities in which midwives engage that contribute to professional practice and quality improvement.

  • Midwifery Standards (Three yearly)
  • All midwives are required to undergo a review every three years although this timeframe may be reduced at the discretion of the reviewers. Midwives wishing to make bookings or with specific queries about Midwifery Standards Review should contact NZCOM.

    The Recertification planner is provided to assist midwives in planning ahead to meet the requirements.

    Completed continuing education and professional activities should be updated on the CPD tab of the midwife’s MyMCANZ portal . Having accurate and up to date records is required as part of APC processing. Midwives can also download their summaries should they wish to retain their own records.