Expressions of Interest

August 2021

Te Tatau o te Whare Kahu | Midwifery Council (the Council) is calling for expressions of interest for midwives to become involved in the following:

  • Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) members
  • Competence Review panel members
  • Supervision of midwives

Professional Conduct Committees

This committee is appointed by the Council to investigate complaints about midwives. The appointments, scope, processes and investigation by the PCC is covered in sections 71-83 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (the HPCAA).

The PCC is usually made up of three people.

  • Two midwives
  • One lay person. The lay person often acts as the convenor for the committee.

The PCC has its own legal advisor and an investigator if necessary.

The Registrar acts as the liaison between the PCC and the regulatory authority.

Complaints can range in complexity. There can be a number of meetings, some that can occur over the phone or via zoom but may also extend to meetings with practitioners and complainants. The time commitment is variable and infrequent and depends on the number of complaints that are received.

Education will be provided for all members of the PCC.

Competence Review panel member

Reviewers are appointed to assess a midwife’s competence to practise following a notification that practice may be below the required standard. The competence provisions are covered in Sections 34-44 of the HPCAA.

The Council has established procedures for competence review processes. A competence review is comprised of one or two midwives. The number of reviewers and the length of time for the review is dependent on the terms of reference.

Competence review panels meet with the midwife and can observe her practice. Following the review, a report is written for the Council to inform its decision making. Time commitments are between one to two days for the actual review plus preparation and report writing time.

Education is provided for all panel members.


From time to time the Council appoints supervisors for midwives. The purpose of supervision is to monitor the midwife’s practice and to report to the Council. This can be required following a competence review when a midwife has a programme of education to complete or it may be required for other reasons. Supervision meetings usually occur monthly for 1-2 hours. Preparation and report writing time is also required. Appointments as supervisors are usually made for one year.

Criteria for appointment to any role

  • A minimum of five years midwifery practice in New Zealand
  • Current practising certificate with no conditions or requirement
  • Considered to be of good standing in the midwifery profession
  • Good understanding of the competencies for entry for the register of midwives, the code of conduct and the Council’s statement on cultural competence
  • Broad understanding of midwifery practice
  • Ability to follow processes
  • Report writing skills

These are key roles that support the Council in its work in protecting the health and safety of women and their babies. All are paid positions.

Please email your expression of interest and curriculum vitae to our email address or call 04 4995040 if you have any questions or want to discuss these roles.